Sunday 26 April 2015

Do you do an 'Emu Parade' before you break camp?

Do you do an 'Emu Parade' before you break camp? Do you know what it is and have you taught the kids why it is so important? 

An emu parade is when group of children and/or adults spreads out across any area. As they walk, they pick up any piece of rubbish they come across. In a short space of time, the area is absolutely spotless. It's the last thing I do when camping. When I'm all packed up and about to drive out of the campground... Just take a couple of minutes to check the entire area for any rubbish and then pick it up, whether it is mine or not. 

The History of the Emu Parade - The original concept of an emu parade involved a strict line formation. It was used by the army when they broke camp and also used by police at crime scenes. Maybe you don't need to be quite so regimented but it is a great habit to get it into. Happy camping.

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