Sunday 6 December 2015

Hygiene at Camping Made Simple

Getting a little grubby at camping is par for the course but hygiene is still important; especially when prepping and cooking food. Hands are always the most important thing.
A few small inexpensive hand basins full of warm soapy water will do the trick nicely. They pack easily, they are light and you can place other things inside of them. Tie cake of soap to the handle of the hand basin using a cut off panty hose. This will stop soap falling in the dirt, being left in the hand basin and going soggy or having to look for it in the dark.

Place a hand basin near the latrine and another one near the kitchen area. Only put about a litre of water in each basin and change the water a few times a day depending on usage. Especially the one in the kitchen. Nothing beats soap and water to cleans under the finger nails, which is where most bacteria will be hiding. A packet of baby wipes on the kitchen table is also a fabulous alternative if water is sparse. A piece of string holding a bottle of hand sanitizer hung from a branch near the latrine and kitchen will also work.

A bush shower will give you the comforts of home but if you aren’t camping for long or you don’t want to carry that much water, there are simpler ways. Having a swim will freshen you up but won’t really get you feeling clean. We are often covered in insect repellent and sunscreens at camping so nothing is nicer than a quick wash down just before bed. A little warm soapy water and a face washer in a small tub will do the trick. Remember to start at the top and work your way down for the most hygienic outcome.

Please remember to NEVER TAKE SOAPS OR SHAMPOOS INTO WATER WAYS and never throw your dish washing water in either. Please keep our water ways healthy habitats!

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