Wednesday 25 March 2015

Bush Walk 'Binna Burra - Lamington National Park'

Caves Circuit (Bush Walk) is 5 km's and classified as easy. It should take about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Ummmm... Maybe they sent three 50yr old women in to do this walk and when they returned without requiring medi evac, they decided it must be easy. I would classify it as easy for the fit and agile. In saying that, it is definitely not hard either. We did it and no one died. It is all uphill if you leave from the picnic area entry. Not much steep uphill stuff though. It snakes across the side of the mountain so the elevation is rather gentle. It is a tad slippery in spots and a sure footing is definitely required to get over a few rocky areas.

The leeches were all out to play and rather relishing the fresh bushwalker who dare pass by. Once you reach the top exit, you need to walk 1 1/2km back down the bitumen road to your car. We felt this was a much better then doing the downhill version and then having to walk 1 1/2km back up a hill at the end when we had run out of puff.

It is a beautiful region and the caves are fabulous. I highly recommend you take the drive (which is also beautiful), do this short walk then enjoy a picnic under a shady tree. Just a glorious outing. There are compost toilets at the picnic area.

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