Monday 22 June 2015

Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

This was my first ever attempt at a Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding.  I started strong.  I had measured up the dry ingredients (all sifted).  Carefully placed pudding and sauce mix into bags ready to go.  Believing this would make life so much easier when I wanted to complete the process later in the day.

Late afternoon, I placed all the pudding dry ingredients into a bowl.  Then added the lightly beaten egg, milk and softened butter.

As I whisked away I was thinking................’this is terribly sloppy for a cake mix’.  

Ummmm........  she sighs as she reaches for her glasses and re-reads the recipe,  which clearly states ¼ cup of milk.... NOT  1 ¼ cups of milk L  This called for a panic reaction, which led to random additions of SR flour, brown sugar, cocoa (all unsifted), more butter (moderately softened) and another egg (not lightly beaten).

I have no idea how much I added.  I just kept adding until the consistency started to look about right.

Needless to say... after pulling the camp oven lid off and ravenously trialing this simple but beautiful dish it was unanimously decided it was DELICIOUS AND A RIP ROARING SUCCESS J

Obviously a lot to be said for random additions or fluking it J

Tip:  This was cooked on gas top cooker in the camp oven.  Pudding was elevated on a trivet.  I cooked it for approximately 40 minutes on low to medium heat.  No top heat was required to get this lovely dish to work.

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