Monday 30 November 2015

Campfire Safety

There is really NO EXCUSE for leaving campfires unattended or still burning when you break camp. It is mostly avoidable.  

Here's a couple of tips:

  1. When  you're loading up a campfire with wood at night... Try not putting anymore wood on it as it gets closer to bedtime. This will allow it burn down and out before you go to sleep. Wind can rise during the night and embers can easily start a grass fire or set a fellow campers tent alight.
  2. You don't need a roaring fire in the morning to cook brekky. A few coals will do the trick nicely. Coals can easily be awakened with a little bit of kindling.

Once brekky is finished... PUT IT OUT PROPERLY.

USE WATER, a little MORE WATER and a bit MORE WATER just in case.

If you cannot access enough water to extinguish your campfire for some reason... Add a little water, then MIX the coals with a shovel full of dirt or sand. Then repeat this process again and again and again. KEEP adding and mixing until coals are coated and appear SMOTHERED and extinguished.

FIRE PITS also help keep fires contained and prevent children from walking on hot coals. Lay rocks around your campfire if there is no existing fire pit. Please do not simply let your fire/coals fall as they may. Please don't add long pieces of wood that extend out past the fire pit edge if avoidable.  Especially if you aren't watching it. Try not to leave these burning when you have gone to bed.

Think about your campfire and pack and plan for it the same way you do everything else ie EXTRA WATER, AXE, SHOVEL.

DO NOT SIMPLY COVER A CAMPFIRE WITH DIRT OR SAND. It is still hot and well alight under the dirt or sand. Children may walk on this ground. Please think about the after affects of your campfire.

Enjoy your campfire in safety.

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