Tuesday 5 January 2016

In Defence of Spiders.....

Did you know that spiders eat other insects that we usually find pretty scary, including mosquitoes carrying malaria (the world’s #1 fatal disease) and flies carrying cholera. The presence of spiders in your house is a sign that 2,000 fewer bugs per spider will be there every year.

In your garden, spiders eat those bugs that love to damage your plants! In fact, they're used in organic cotton farming for exactly this reason.

It’s actually rare for most spiders to bite humans, unless they feel threatened in some way. You are more likely to be bitten in bed by a bedbug. Fear of spiders causes more injury than the spider itself as many a panicked driver has crashed from seeing a huntsman drop down from behind the sun visor.

Spiders are terrified of you, and only want to run away from you. They can only see about one foot in front of them so they are exceptionally unlikely to chase you or jump on you on purpose.

Spiders are generally a sign of good luck in many cultures the world over!

Important Note - We do not recommend you handle any dangerous spider or any spider if you are not 100% sure of it's identity. Know your local dangerous spiders and do not interfere with these guys. There will likely only be a small handful in your State or Territory to ever be concerned about and if worst case happens call emergency medical aid. Anti venom is available and unless you are a small child or have an underlying health condition it is unlikely you will have any severe repercussions.

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